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Download 17.0.7 build 3399

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What is a Support Package (SP)?
A Support Package is a subset of the software with one or more bug fixes. The bug fixes are listed in the release notes for the update. Support Packages may be applied only to installed software with the same version number and a lower build number.

Significant testing has been performed on the Support Package software, but testing is less comprehensive than for major and minor releases. Customers are discouraged from deploying or distributing SP software unless and until they have verified the suitability of the software with adequate testing in the environments in which the software will be used.

This software is licensed under the terms of the Sybase Software License Agreement available here:

This download will update these components:
SQL Anywhere Server 17 Database Server-Windows x64-
SQL Anywhere Server 17 Client-Windows x64-
SQL Anywhere Server 17 Client-Windows x86-
SQL Anywhere 17 Administration Tools-Windows x64-
SQL Anywhere 17 Security Components-Windows x64-

There are no updates to SQL Anywhere 17 German Documentation for Windows x64.

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