SQL Anywhere Bug Fix Readme for Version 17.0.0, build 2806

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Description of download types

Bug Fixes

A subset of the software with one or more bug fixes. The bug fixes are listed below. A Bug Fix update may only be applied to installed software with the same version number. While some testing has been performed on the software, you should not distribute these files with your application unless you have thoroughly tested your application with the software.

Minor Release

A complete set of software that upgrades installed security/encryption components while only updating the SQL Anywhere components to the level of the previously released build for a given platform. These are generated so that security/encryption changes can be provided quickly.

17.0.0 Security Patches

A security patch contains an already-released version of the software but includes
updated security components.  This process allows the software to be tested more quickly
so that important security fixes are released to customers quickly.  Two build numbers
are recorded for security patches: one build number identifies the build of the software
that was previously tested and released; the other is the build of the new security
components that have been updated in the release

The following security patches have been released.